Manage experiments


Access the user screen

To access the user screen at any time, click the Go to the User Overview icon, located on the bottom-left of the PickCells window.

Display general information about an experiment

To display general information about an experiment, hover the mouse over the experiment name. The following information is shown:

Create a new experiment

To create a new experiment, click the Create a new experiment icon, located on the right-hand side in the My Experiments panel.

The Experiment Wizard will appear:

A new database will be created on your file system which will be reopened every time you load this experiment.

This folder will have the same name as the experiment and will contain another folder with a name that finishes with _db. For example, an experiment called Sample will cause the creation of a database folder called Sample, with a sub-folder Sample_db.

Edit the description of an experiment

To edit the description of an experiment:

The Description Editing… dialog will appear:

Load an experiment

To load an experiment:

A new workbench, with the experiment’s MetaModel View, will appear.

Import an existing experiment

To import an existing experiment, click the Import an existing experiment icon, located on the right-hand side in the My Experiments panel.

A file chooser will appear:

The experiment to be imported will appear in the Managed Users panel under the user name of the user who created the experiment

Delete an experiment

To delete an experiment:

The Select an Option dialog will appear:

If you are sure that you won’t need your database, and other files created within the experiment folder anymore, you can delete the folder manually.

Share an experiment

It may be convenient to share experiments with other users so that the experiments you create are accessible and editable (if you give permission) by your colleagues from within their own PickCells account.

To share an experiment:

The sharing properties dialog will appear:

Experiments you are sharing will be indicated with a icon.

Experiments that are shared with you by other users appear in the Shared With Me panel of the user screen.

Manually back up an experiment

To manually backup an experiment, copy the experiment folder somewhere safe (e.g. to the location where you usually backup files and folders).

Manually move an experiment

To manually move an experiment: