Manage users


What is a PickCells ‘user’?

PickCells uses the concept of users to control access to experiments within a given installation of PickCells. Each user has a user name and password and can create, delete and share experiments.

The first user to log in to a new PickCells installation automatically receives administrator rights. They can then create and remove other users.

These other users can share this same PickCells installation. The users can share their experiments with other users, granting these other users either read-only access - allowing the other users to view the experiment - or read-write access - allowing the other users to view and modify the experiment.

Administrator account

The first user to log in to a new PickCells installation will automatically receive administrator rights. The administrator is the only user who can create and delete other user accounts.

Create a new user

To create a new user:

The New User… dialog will appear:

The user screen will appear and the new user will be visible in the Managed Users panel.

Log in as a new user

To login using a new user account:

The Login dialog will appear:

Delete a user

Deleting a user both deletes the user as well as all the experiments that belong to the user. If any of the experiments were shared with other users, these shared experiments will no longer be accessible to other users either.

To delete a user:

The Delete User dialog will appear:

Reset all user accounts

A complete reset of all user accounts can be performed by deleting the admindb folder in the root folder of the PickCells installation (e.g. C:\Users\user\PickCells-0.8.0-SNAPSHOT\admindb\).

Log off

Click the Log off icon. This will automatically close all opened experiments and return you to the welcome screen.