Get Help

Get Help

If you experience a problem when using PickCells, and need help, then please check if your issue has already been resolved or your question has already been answered:

If you cannot find a solution, then you can do one of:

See How to ask for help, below, for advice on what information you should provide.

If you need to contact the PickCells maintainers directly, then email TODO.

What is and is not supported

Only binary releases of PickCells with a version number, this web site, the PickCells Colonly forum, and the PickCells project on Framagit are supported.

Modified versions of PickCells released by third-parties are not supported.

What support we offer

The PickCells team consists of members in a number of organisations who work on a number of projects, and may be very busy. PickCells support relies upon the goodwill of these members and organisations.

How to ask for help

Requests of the form “I used PickCells and am stuck” are not helpful to either you or the PickCells maintainers.

No bug is too trivial to report - small bugs may hide big bugs.